Automatic Connection

Parousya’s check-in technology lets people automatically connect to the brands they trust.

Introduction Video — 2 minutes

Introducing ACIS

Parousya’s Automatic Check-In System

Automatic Check-In

Simple integration of the ACIS SDK into an existing mobile phone app to make it open as soon as the user enters the place of business.

Privacy Options

Full user control over privacy when the app is open on location, with options to be revealed, incognito or to opt out.

Personal Engagement

With a simple tap an agent or salesperson is called for a more personalised and enjoyable experience.

New Data Streams

Access to data analytics to see transaction performance and to better understand users’ behaviors from check-in to check-out.

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Endless ways to use ACIS

Why Parousya’s ACIS?


Personalised Experience

Connects people to people on location for a greater personalised experience.

Full Data Control

Builds trust in the brand by giving users full control of their data when transacting in-person.

Value For Money

Simple and low-cost technology solution.

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